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Identifying and Treating Depression in Primary Care

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Dr Daniel Rock and Dr Geoff Riley – Identifying and Treating Depression in Primary Care – The essential role of GPs in the Alliance Against Depression

Identifying and Treating Depression in Primary Care is a new training resource for GPs in Western Australia. This 45-minute video lecture is a collaboration between WA Primary Health Alliance and Professor Geoff Riley, Professor of Rural and Remote Medicine and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UWA Medical School. This video qualifies as self-directed learning in a GP’s professional development plan. Presenters Dr Daniel Rock and Professor Geoff Riley draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver a contemporary perspective on how to effectively identify and manage the depressed patient in primary care and why this is so important in the treatment of depression and prevention of suicide. Dr Rock presents some of the context and evidence on depression and multi-morbidity in our population. He also introduces the principles of the Alliance Against Depression(AAD) an approach recognised as the world’s best practice for the care of people with depression and in the prevention of suicide. It is a community led and GP-centric model. Further information on the Alliance Against Depression framework is available at or by contacting the AAD Coordination Centre on 6287 7948

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