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About the Goldfields Health Professionals Network

The Goldfields Health Professionals Network is a collegiate network of health professionals who provide care to the rural communities in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Our aim is to provide rural and remote health professionals with better support and greater opportunities to network, upskill, share information and collaborate in a local supportive community environment.

We recognise the importance of facilitating and exploring new and innovative methods of delivering professional development opportunities with the aim of increasing accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency to all health professionals in the Goldfields region.

We acknowledge that collaborative working partnerships across the health system are key to ensuring positive change and encouraging interdisciplinary practice to build stronger healthier communities throughout the Goldfields region.

We welcome all health professionals living and working in the region to join the Goldfields Health Professionals Network.


Connecting health professionals from the Goldfields region of Western Australia


Opportunities for shared training and ongoing upskilling


Sharing information and exploring educational opportunities to meet professional development needs


Collaborating to improve patient care


Working together to build stronger, healthier communities in the Goldfields